Matcha Tips: 3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Matcha

Matcha Tips: 3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Matcha

Here’s some of our favorite insider tips for keeping your matcha as flavorful and vibrant as possible! 

1. Stash your opened matcha in the fridge

Once you’ve opened up your matcha tin, it’s best to keep it tightly closed and tucked away in your fridge. Giving it a chilly home will help protect the delicate and fine matcha powder from being exposed to brightness and prevent deterioration due to heat or humidity. Don’t panic if you haven't been keeping your matcha in the fridge, there’s no health risk. Matcha doesn’t have fat in it so it won’t go rancid. If not stored properly it will lose vibrancy in color and taste.

2. Stainless steel is a NO when you’re on the go

Matcha is so magical because it’s delicious AND has so many benefits. It helps with mental clarity, focus, energy, skin, hair, blood sugar and physical health. The metals in stainless steel can oxidize matcha and can counteract the health and antioxidant properties of the tea (as well as affecting the taste of it). We recommend drinking your matcha in a glass, porcelain, or ceramic mug.

p.s. If you’re looking for a science experiment… you can make your matcha using a stainless steel vessel or thermos and then pour it into a clear temperature safe glass. You’ll notice immediately the DARK color of the matcha- it may be murky and tinted black instead of the vibrant emerald green you should be looking for.

3. Not too hot...not too cold!

The water you use to whisk your matcha powder should be hot but not too hot. The ideal temperature is around 170-180 degrees. You don’t want to go hotter than 180 (or much lower than 160 degrees). If you use boiling water you risk burning the matcha powder which can lead to an overpowering bitter taste. On the flip side, if your water is too chilly you’ll notice a clumpier matcha that is hard to get smooth and well-combined.

Check out Jules' video on how to make a matcha latte or if check out how to make an iced matcha latte if that's more your jam! 

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I hoping to see how I can get notified or know when to expect these to come back. I love this bowl, hoping to also get the mug.

Enedina Gamboa

Hello, i would like to know if you will be selling the matcha ceramic bowl and mug. I would love to purchase two sets.
Thank you,
Sonia Flores

Sonia Flores

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