Issue 11: Creating Space for New Ideas to Brew

Issue 11: Creating Space for New Ideas to Brew

It's Jules here — head homebody at HB. I'm crashing today's newsletter because this will actually be our last issue until further notice. Yep, we’re pausing Pause Pages. Don’t think of this as goodbye, but rather as a purposeful hiatus, a time for us to create space for new ideas to brew and for inspiration to blossom in the quiet.
I've got new ideas for where I’d like to take this brand. And while I am so excited to bring these ideas to life, I’m also about to embark on another incredible adventure... motherhood. I want to give myself the space to be fully present during this transformative time. Rather than pushing on as we have been, I’ve chosen to hit pause— to reflect on where I want to take this business and platform, and how it will sustainably integrate with my personal brand as a creator and my new life as a mom. 
Sometimes, the best thing we can do is get quiet.
This issue marks a moment of reflection, not just for me, but for all of us. Life, like nature, thrives on cycles of activity and rest, of noise and silence. In the hush that follows, there lies a beautiful silence, ripe with potential for new growth and opportunities — *if* we allow ourselves to tune in.
During this break, I encourage each of you to join me in embracing this quiet if that resonates with you. We can step back from the constant buzz of productivity and expectations, and let our minds wander a bit... What will you find in these spacious moments? Which boundaries might you push in the quiet introspection of our pause? What is piquing your curiosity?
We’ve talked a lot about discipline and the courage to do hard things. Now, we invite the discipline of stillness, the courage to sit with our thoughts and let them lead us to new places, both within ourselves and in what we create.
Thank you deeply for being a part of our cozy homebody community. Your presence has made this journey a shared adventure, and I am so grateful for our time together in this space.
🍵 In the meantime, I’d LOVE to invite you over to Slow Brew Sunday, my weekly Sunday newsletter that I’ve been running for the past several years. We have a kind community of over 80,000 mindful humans like you. Cozy up with Slow Brew Sunday every week for new intentions, mindful productivity tips, and small shifts we can make together. SBS will continue running through my maternity leave, as I’ve already prepped exciting content for you all in my absence!
Hop over to the Slow Brew Sunday community here.
I look forward to returning with a fresh perspective this fall… until then, I’ll see you over on my personal pages.
Much love,
Jules & The Homebodies Team

Creating Space for New Ideas to Brew

Creating space for new ideas isn't just about finding time in our schedules; it's about cultivating an environment where creativity can flourish and insights can surface. Think of it as gardening for the mind: you need to clear the weeds and prepare the soil before the seeds can be planted. So, how do we begin this process?

Start by identifying what 'weeds'—those habits, commitments, or thoughts—that might be crowding your mental garden. Is there something you’re doing out of obligation rather than passion? Are there tasks that drain your energy without contributing to your growth? Take a moment to assess these aspects of your life, and consider what might need to be pruned. Reducing noise, whether it’s physical clutter, digital distractions, or social engagements, can help create the silence necessary for deeper thinking.

Once you've cleared some space, nurture the quiet. Embrace periods of low activity as opportunities for high thought. In these quiet moments, ask yourself: What truly excites me? What have I been longing to explore or create but haven't yet found the time for? Let these questions guide your reflection.

This isn’t about rushing to fill the void but rather allowing it to be filled with intention. Let your mind wander without a fixed destination, and observe what ideas come to the surface. These moments can be surprisingly fertile, leading to insights and inspirations that are both deeply personal and profoundly transformative.

3 Journal Prompts to Create Space

  1. ✐ What 'weeds'—those habits, commitments, or thoughts—might be crowding your mental garden?
  2. ✐ What am I doing out of obligation rather than passion?
  3. ✐ What tasks drain my energy without contributing to my growth?
  4. ✐ What truly excites me?
  5. ✐ What have I been longing to explore or create but haven't yet found the time for?

Rituals & Habits

🌱 Mental Weeding: Schedule a regular "mental declutter" session to identify and prune activities, obligations, or thought patterns that no longer serve you. Use a journal to document and decide on actions to create space for new ideas.
🌿 Nurture the Quiet: Establish a daily or weekly ritual of stillness—like a quiet morning coffee, a phone-free walk, or meditation. Let your mind wander and note what excites you and the ideas that surface during these moments.
🤲🏼 Share and Reflect: Share the insights from your quiet moments in our community forum or on social media. Engage with others in the practice and explore the new ideas and inspirations that emerge from this collective reflection.
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