Issue 4: Embracing Tech | A Balancing Act

Issue 4: Embracing Tech | A Balancing Act

We hope you’ve enjoyed this new addition to your inbox each month as much as we’ve enjoyed sending it! Depending on where you are based, the temperature may have started lowering, and we’re starting to pull out those cozy, comfy outfits to match the season.
In this issue, we're shifting our focus to the digital side! Let’s dive into how we can embrace a healthy balance of technology and gain a little bit more control over our devices. Sound good?
We hope it's filled with takeaways and realizations to carry you through the holiday season and beyond 🚀

Embracing Tech: A Balancing Act

When all things “ holiday” begin approaching, it's totally normal to feel a mix of excitement and maybe a dash of overwhelm. The rush is real, and you might feel like you're not quite in sync with it all.
And whether your job requires you to be glued to your devices, juggling emails, Zoom calls, video editing, and social media, or you're more of a casual social media scroller and recreational tech user, curating your experience within this digital space is the key to navigating it with grace.
We’re here to guide you into how to make your digital spaces actually feel goood, and letting tech work with you instead of against you.
You see, technology can either be the key to your ease, productivity, and decision-making or the thief of it - it all depends on how you use it.
You might be asking yourself, how can I embrace tech and regain control??
Just like your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day, how you engage with tech can determine your overall digital experience. Imagine taking control of how you use technology daily— liberating, right?
Being Intentional with how you fill your digital cup and share it with others, will give you a huuuge sense of control and ease.
How can you achieve this?
🔎 Find tools to support you
  • It takes a lot of mental and emotional labor to try to remember everything off top of your head, you can take the pressure off yourself and allow tech to carry the weight for you!
  • This can look like leaning on intuitive systems like Notion for tracking your to-do’s, keeping a digital journal to be intentional with documenting, creating do-not-disturb modes in your phone for when you need to disconnect. 
✋🏽 Consume consciously
  • Instead of waking up to the sound of alarms, notifications, emails, and social media. What if tech became your go-to proactive solution for recharging, instead of a reactive one?
🎨 Curate your experience to stay inspired
  • Take the time to customize your digital environment and seek ease in what surrounds you. Get a wallpaper you love and brings you ease, keep your fav playlist rolling (peep this week freebies!), and a cute quote you can always see on your desktop to inspire you. Anything that makes it feel like home— that's the way to go.
A mindset shift to always remember: you are the creator of your life, and you are in control — your devices are just tools to help you along the way.

3 Journal Prompts to Foster Connections with Others

  1. ✎ What rituals can I introduce into my day to create a more balanced and controlled relationship with technology?
  2. ✎ What is something that I could let go of that would make me feel lighter? (We deleted TikTok from our phones — and yes, can confirm we do feel lighter 👀)
  3. ✎ What are my daily non-negotiables?* 
To see how Jules, our Head Homebody, puts this into practice, watch her new video on 🎥 How to Create Healthy Habits & Prioritize Self Care

Rituals & Habits

Recharge your digital battery through daily rituals:

Be intentional, realistic, and honest about what serves you best, because there's no one-size-fits-all solution.
Morning Rituals ☀️
✽ Start the day with a tech-free meditation.
✽Prioritize self-care before diving into emails and notifications.
✽Keep a tidy-up download folder.
✽Set an intention for the day and get clear on your goals.
✽Listen to a calming lo-fi playlist.
Nighttime Rituals 🌙
✽Review your day and journal on how it went.
✽Create a calm, tech-free bedtime routine to relax your mind.
✽Disconnect from devices an hour before sleep to improve sleep quality.
✽Spend quality time away from screens to unwind.
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