Issue 9: Growth Comes Through Discipline

Issue 9: Growth Comes Through Discipline

New routines are emerging—we're changing our wardrobe, seeing more of the sun, and temperatures are rising (yay!). This time of the year calls for some adjustments, not only in our daily routines but also in our mindset. 
This issue involves some uncomfortable truths but also presents an opportunity to adopt a fresh perspective with the start of a new season, all to enable you to grow into the person that you aspire to be.
Are we still in the mood for warm drinks? Or officially ready to switch it up to icy drinks? Whatever ya fancy, let's dive in.

Growth Comes Through Discipline 

We've discovered that self-care has two sides.
These days, when you look up self-care, it's all about bubble baths, scented candles, and snuggling up with cozy blankets. And hey, those are all great ways to unwind! But we believe self-care goes way beyond just feeling comfy. Taking time to pamper yourself and disconnect from the chaos? Absolutely vital. But there's another side to self-care that often gets overlooked—it's the tough stuff, the inner work that's not always easy to talk about. Yet, it's just as, if not more, crucial for our well-being.
Self-care is about nurturing ourselves in ways that support our growth, resilience, and overall development.
The paradox of self-care is that it involves discomfort too.
But what about the things that aren't always easy or comfortable? The things that require us to confront our fears, push through discomfort, and embrace the hard work, but also end up creating some sort of transformation in our lives.
Something we had in mind when creating Nourish Notes, was taking those hard things (like building new habits), and integrating them seamlessly into your daily routine.
That's the other side of self-care: Discipline.
Discipline is the cornerstone of personal growth, requiring us to commit to consistent habits and routines that nourish our body, mind, and soul. This can look like waking up early to exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, or practicing mindfulness meditation. These (not so) small acts of discipline contribute to our resilience in the face of life's challenges, and our overall well-being.
“I know I should be working out.”
“I know I should go out and spend time with friends.” 
We know it yet we put it off sometimes. It's listening to our bodies, but also knowing when it's time to nudge ourselves to get up and do the hard things, because we know we can, and it will make us stronger.
And yes, homebodies, this applies to exercise, saying yes to social activities, and even going outside when staying in is oh so tempting.
To remember: discipline isn't about forcing ourselves to do things we don't want to do; it's about acknowledging that growth often occurs beyond our comfort zones, and embracing discomfort as part of our journey toward becoming our best selves.
How willing are you to do the hard things? Growth requires us to take risks and challenge ourselves in new and unfamiliar ways.
How would it feel to embrace a proactive and intentional approach to self-care?  
This is an invitation to do the hard-things, take risks, and step into the unknown as an act of self-care.
Hint hint: it's always worth the effort in the pursuit of becoming the truest version of ourselves! 

3 Journal Prompts to "Do The Hard Things" 

  1. ✐  What positive changes do I hope to see in my life by stepping out of my comfort zone?
  2. ✐ What's one hard thing I've been putting off that I know will improve my wellbeing? How will I feel once I've completed this challenging task?
  3. ✐ How can I reframe challenges as opportunities for personal growth?

Rituals & Habits

  • ☁️Reflect on your “why” and get clear: Take some time to reflect on the reasons behind your desire to tackle the hard things. What are your motivations? What benefits do you hope to gain?
  •  🏇🏼Reframe challenges and obstacles: Consider reframing the hard things you need to do as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Write down how you can view these challenges in a more positive light, and how they align with your values and aspirations.
  • ☀️Create new routines and build habits : Often the “hard-thing” to do stops beings hard when broken into smaller pieces. What habits could you build around a goal or task to support you and make it easier?
  • 🏃🏽‍♀️ Sprints: (something we've been incorporating here at the HB hq) Working on sprints can be an effective strategy for improving discipline. Sprints involve setting short, focused bursts of intense effort towards a specific goal or task, followed by periods of rest or reflection (or both!).
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