Issue 1: Journaling as a Gentle Timeless Practice

Issue 1: Journaling as a Gentle Timeless Practice

Welcome to the very first edition of Pause Pages. Beginning today, we will be sliding into your inbox once a month with self-care tips, journaling prompts, and fresh ideas to add some feel-good energy to your online & offline life. 🌤

Whether you're an online WFH girlie, a social media consumer or creator, or someone simply seeking a lil more balance with your time & energy, you'll find something to cherish in each edition of our monthly newsletter. 
*Also, if you live for your cozy morning drink, fur babies, and snugglin' up at home with a good book, you're in good company. 😏
Our mission is simple: to be a quiet corner in your busy digital life.
We hope Pause Pages gives you a moment to pause & get inspired, before you head back into your daily grind. Cheers to a more mindful and feel-good digital universe 💫

Journaling as a Gentle Timeless Practice

Half of the year flew right by, and whether you began journaling in January or you've been in more of an on-again-off-again rhythm, we are here to remind you that: you can pick back up with journaling at any time.
Journaling is not just a New Year's resolution - it's a timeless practice that can bring profound positive changes to your life. 
Even though life can get busy, and sometimes we find ourselves distant from our journals, it's okay! Remember it's all about creating  gentle habits, and all you need to do is allow yourself to come back whenever you're ready.
While consistency is wonderful, flexibility is also important on your journaling journey.
💭 Mindset Shift: How would it feel to see journaling less as a to-do and more like a tool in your toolkit to help you navigate through the highs and the lows? 🎢

3 Journal Prompts to Foster Connections with Others

  1. What activities or practices bring me joy and fulfillment?
  2. What small, manageable steps can I take today to feel more aligned?
  3. How can I be more compassionate towards myself during this process?

Rituals & Habits

🦋 Steps to create a journaling ritual: 
 Find a Cozy Space: Create a comfortable and inviting space for journaling.
 Keep It Simple: Don't feel pressured to write lengthy entries every day.
✽ Mix It Up: Don't limit yourself to traditional writing. Explore different journaling formats like doodling, sketching, or incorporating photographs.
 Find your way: Journaling can look different for everybody. Some prefer to recap their thoughts before bed, others thrive on morning reflections to set intentions for the day. 
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