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The Homebodies is a cozy concept shop here to help you feel *at home* both online n' offline.

From digital journals and templates to ritual-inspiring products that bring you ease, we create tools to support your version of an aligned and intentional life.

Whether "home" is a feeling, a place, or a sense of belonging, we hope to nurture the homebody in you.

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a note from the creator

Hey there, I'm Jules ⎯  a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and matcha lovin' professional homebody. I produce video content & lifestyle tools that help you design your most intentional life - one that’s supported by feel-good systems n’ self-care.

Through The Homebodies, I hope to create tools that help simplify your life and make not only your physical spaces feel-good, but also your digital spaces.

To me, homebody means comfort. It means leaning into what feels good and intentionally creating a space you are excited to be in.

I'm stoked to bring more ideas to life through this vessel, and I hope you enjoy the things we create to help you feel more "at home" in life.

To watch the videos that inspire the products we create, head to my YouTube. I put out weekly videos on productivity, self-care, n’ feel-good systems that I think you'll love.

Much Gratitude,

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