How to Care for your Matcha Whisk

How to Care for your Matcha Whisk


If you’re after a smooth and frothy matcha, then the bamboo whisk is a must-have tool! Traditionally called a "chasen" in Japanese culture, this whisk is specifically made of bamboo for its flexibility and is artfully handcrafted out of one piece of bamboo. The delicate form of the whisk allows for the matcha particles (which are extremely fine) to be incorporated with hot water resulting in a delicious matcha to which air has been added through the whisking process to enhance and lighten the flavor.

Bamboo is a sustainable and durable material, but if you don’t properly care and store your whisk you may notice signs of mold and decay. Here’s what we recommend to keep your whisk lookin’ fresh and functioning well for at least 100 uses.

  • After first receiving your whisk, the prongs are curved & twisted in the center. Soak the tips in some warm water for 1-2 minutes before use. This allows the prongs to relax and uncurl like the photos above.
  • We recommend soaking the tips of your whisk in warm water for 15-30 seconds before each use to soften the bamboo and maximize its flexibility for long-term use.


  • While whisking, keep the whisk suspended in the liquid - you want to avoid pressing down too firmly against the bottom of your matcha bowl. Rather, you should be aiming to ‘float’ the whisk in the water and gently but rapidly whisk in M/W patterns until you notice tiny bubbles forming a froth at the top of your matcha bowl!


  • After using rinse off the whisk prongs (not the handle) with some warm water and give it a good shake to get the excess water off.
  • Do not use soap to clean your whisk - a gentle rinse ‘n shake after making your matcha will do the trick!
  • Make sure to store your whisk pronged side down in a ceramic whisk stand. This will help to preserve the shape of your whisk as well as preventing water from running up into the handle and saturating the bamboo.

These tips will help you care for your whisk and keep it fresh for about 100 uses.  Make sure to tag @thehomebodiesco to show us your matcha creations - Happy Whisking, Homebodies! 

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