Issue 2: A Comprehensive Guide to Gentle Habits

Issue 2: A Comprehensive Guide to Gentle Habits

We are welcoming September as this cozy season is beginning to peeeak in… while summer winds down on one side, fall is almost here on the other. 
This issue focuses on adapting to change in a kind and easeful way to help you build simple, calming routines – both online and offline. 
September often feels like a transitional month, with a fast-paced, back-to-school, restart kind of vibe. We’ll explore the role that routines and habits play in our lives, and how we can invite in joyful rituals that nurture our well-being, mental clarity, and provide a sense of inner calm.
We encourage you to set intentions for the coming month and feel comfortable expressing yourself. With that, we're delivering some fresh prompts to boost your inner confidence and help you speak your mind more freely.
Without further adieu, here's a collection of thoughts for September. Enjoy it with your favorite feel-good drink – maybe a pumpkin spice latte or two. 😌 (It's never too soon! hehe)
We hope Pause Pages will become an intentional part of your monthly ritual! 🍵

A Comprehensive Guide to Gentle Habits

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “habit”? 
Some habits really scream "be productive" or "hustle" and there's so much emphasis on setting and reaching goals. Habits are great when it comes to creating small shifts that lead you to an intentional life and minimize decision making. But, we can get caught up in the “obligation” side of it.
So today, we’d like to share with you a comprehensive guide on gentle habits - to help you prioritize your connection with your inner and outer world. Think of gentle habits as a warm hug to your soul.
By intentionally integrating gentle habits into your daily life, you can create a rhythm that honors both your ambitions and your need for self-care.
So, what are gentle habits?
Think of gentle habits as the tiny, small actions that you weave into your day, not for immediate success or external validation, but to honor your emotional and physical needs. They're our way of staying grounded when life gets a lil crazy. Call it our anchor for stability and well-being.
💭 Mindset Shift: What are the small transformations we can make to prioritize our own joy? Remember, it's not about doing it all, but about doing what matters.

3 Journal Prompts to Foster Connections with Others

  1. What is a gentle habit I’d like to cultivate for September?
  2. Why does this habit resonate with me? How might this small change make a positive impact on my well-being?
  3. How can I approach moments with more self-compassion and understanding in the future?

Approaching Gentle Habits

Gentle habits are perfect for “habit stacking”, meaning taking an existing habit that you have and attaching it to a new one to make it easier to remember and eventually become a habit. 
So, how would it feel to add some gentleness to some already existing habits you have going on?
Here are some examples:
  • 🍃 EX 01 | Brain dumping your to-do’s every morning in a planner or in notion  gentle habit: adding a quick check-in with questions that help you align and ease into your day
  • 🍃 EX 02 | Tidying up your spaces  gentle habit: listen to a podcast that nurtures you or a playlist that makes you feel good
  • 🍃 EX 03 | Starting a new task or focus session  gentle habit: taking 5 deep breaths and setting an intention 
  • 🍃 EX 04 | Trying to read more and finish a book  gentle habit: light a candle and set up a cozy space
  • 🍃 EX 05 | Hopping out of a meeting gentle habit: decompressing with a 5 minute stretch
Some things to remember when you are getting started: 
  • Start small: Embrace simplicity and kick off with a small, doable action 
  • Be mindful: Tune into your chosen habits with full awareness
  • Strive for harmony: Opt for habits you can weave into daily life, but try to honor and be in flow with where you are at
  • Embrace Imperfection: Gentle habits shouldn't stress you. If you miss some days, it’s ok
  • Disconnect to reconnect: Dedicate time daily to technology-free moments so you can come back refreshed every time
  • Celebrate every little win: Celebrate the tiny wins and the peace they bring.
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