Issue 5: J.O.M.O. & Giving Yourself Grace Through the Holidays

Issue 5: J.O.M.O. & Giving Yourself Grace Through the Holidays

Welcome to this months ⭐️ Holiday Edition ⭐️ of Pause Pages, and the last one of 2023! 
Phew, time flies. It's only been 5 issues so far, but somehow it feels like we're onto something here. It feels exciting to create and nurture an inspiring community filled with homebodies that, like us, are looking to slooow down.
This issue is dedicated to you, to taking care of yourself during this fast-paced time, and some rituals to implement to make it a good one. Let's dive in.
Ohh, and Happy (cozy) holidays, Homebodies fam! 🎄💚

J.O.M.O. & Giving Yourself Grace Through the Holidays 

The holidays are upon us, bringing a mix of joy, traditions, and yes, sometimes stress and overload. It's a time when responsibilities often pile up alongside the festivities. But what if we could find a balance? ♥️🎄✨
We're embracing J.O.M.O - The Joy Of Missing Out.
In the whirlwind of the season, it's easy to feel stretched thin. Remember, there are only so many hours in a day. Choosing what to skip can be as important as choosing what to embrace. This choice can open up space for what truly matters.
It begins with listening – to our intuition, our bodies, our needs. It's about recognizing that not every moment has to be packed with activities or obligations. There's profound joy in simplicity, in choosing calmness, introspection, and being present.
Could you allow yourself some leniency during this bustling time? How can you be more compassionate with yourself amidst the holiday rush?
Giving yourself grace is about cultivating a compassionate relationship with yourself, understanding that being human involves navigating challenges and making peace with imperfections.
This season can stir a whirlpool of emotions. Leaning on the right tools and showing yourself some extra love and compassion might be the key to finding peace amidst the chaos.
It's a journey of learning to balance accountability with self-compassion as we move into the new year.
A gentle reminder: While it's a season of giving, don't forget to give to yourself too. Self-care and personal reflection are gifts that keep giving.
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3 Journal Prompts to Foster Connections with Others

  1. ✎ How do I want approach the holiday season? What aspects bring me joy? What brings me stress?
  2. ✎ What are the things that really need to get done? What specific actions can I take to be more compassionate towards myself?
  3. ✎ What is one unexpected thing that brought me joy this year?

Rituals & Habits

The Homebody Holiday Survival Kit

😌 It's okay to say ‘no’
Embrace the power of saying no without feeling guilty! It's totally fine to turn down invitations, commitments, sales, offers that might leave you feeling overwhelmed.
we are letting go of: overbooking, overspending, overwhelm
☁️ Aim for self-awareness 
Forget about being perfect — aim for self-awareness! Do what feels good and comfortable for you, taking small steps towards your goals. Celebrate your wins along the way, and enjoy the journey of self-discovery! 🌟
we are letting go of: perfection
🍃 Stick to your self-care routine: Don't forget about you during the holidays. Make self-care a must—whether it's a cozy bath, a good book, or soothing music. Prioritize activities that nurture your well-being. You deserve it!
we are letting go of: overstretching ourselves
📱Technology Detox: The online world during these times is buzzing. Try to designate specific times to disconnect from tech to foster a sense of calm, avoid F.O.M.O, and embrace J.O.M.O.
we are letting go of: comparison
🕯️ Get cozy and warm: Chilly days & winter breaks should be spent curled up at home with a cup of somethin’ warm and a good book. Give yourself the permission to sloow down.
we are letting go of: hustle
✨ Practice Kindness: Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle. Remember, we all go through tough times, especially during the holidays. Send love to those struggling and, most importantly, give yourself permission to feel and navigate your own emotions. You've got this
we are letting go of: judgment
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